About Croscill

It began in Brooklyn, New York in 1946, when a new company introduced a twist on the standard window curtain. They named this unique window curtain “Croscilla”, for the manner in which it went across the entire window sill. This is how the company name “Croscill” (pronounced Cross-Sill) was created. Since then, Croscill has spent over 50 years producing high quality textiles at an affordable price.



It's always been in the details


From the beginning, Croscill has set the highest standard for contemporary designs that beautify the home and enrich the daily lives of our customers. Today, our design team is comprised of leaders in our industry. They are dedicated to providing a wide array of elegant choices, from timeless classics to superb interpretations of the latest trends.


From its days as a family-owned business with deep roots in North Carolina, Croscill has always been a company whose attention to the details is singular. The exquisite work of our artisans and designers results in an unmatched quality that makes Croscill the first choice among those who desire the very best for their home.


Croscill's heritage ensures the company's unique place among today's designer brands. The company began in 1946, specializing in curtain designs for the home. From the start, Croscill was an innovator and a leader in creating new styles. As time went on, Croscill applied the same philosophy of combining the latest innovations with the highest quality standards in expanding its range of products to include designs for virtually every area of the home. Today, our customers can themselves create a designer's custom look for their homes effortlessly with Croscill.