A Sustainable Future For Croscill


Our Company

At Croscill we are committed to being an outstanding supplier of the finest furnishings for the home. Our commitment to helping our customers to create the ideal home extends to our concern for the home we all share, our planet. Croscill is dedicated to understanding and improving our responsibility to the environment. We are working to identify the impact our product development and packaging decisions have by looking across the life cycle of our products. An example of how this process has resulted in sustainable product decisions that have proved to be successful was our early adoption of Peva film to replace less environmentally-friendly PVC film.


We have measured our greenhouse gas emissions and energy use for the past three years. We initiated two projects during 2011 to help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from our distribution center. One project involved replacing our lighting with high efficiency T8 lamps with digital ballast. The second project replaced our propane forklifts with electric forklifts. The combination of these two projects reduced our Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 226 metric tonnes CO2 equivalent. This represents a 13% reduction in Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions from distribution. For 2012, we reduced our greenhouse gas emmisions by 417 metric tonnes and 23% from our base year. In 2013, we continued our efforts to expand our sustainability program by measuring select Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions, increasing our recycling rate, and formally surveying our suppliers to better understand their sustainability efforts. In 2014, we opened a pillow stuffing and finishing operation in the US. This allows us to only ship pillow shells into the US instead of finished pillows and reduces shipping cf per unit by 93%.


Our Products

We are reviewing our raw material requirements to identify alternatives with lower environmental footprints. We hope to identify renewable and recycled raw materials we can use that are consistent with the exceptional quality and craftsmanship that our customers expect from Croscill.


Our Partners

We are working with packaging suppliers to make certain that we reduce our packaging content and are using environmentally-friendly packaging materials. We currently use shipping cartons with a high percentage of recycled content. All incoming cartons that cannot be used are recycled. We average 19 tons of recycled cardboard per month.


Our Promise

Croscill will continue to strive to find new methods and strategies to create a sustainable environment for our brand and for our loyal customers.