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Searching for the Perfect Gift

Below you will find the perfect gift for the homes of your friends & family. Whether they want to cuddle up on a cold day or fill their homes with holiday cheer you will find the gift here. more

How To Decorate Your Table This Thanksgiving

It's less than a month away from Thanksgiving! It's time to get inspired. Make decorating more fun by collecting some of your favorite fall plants and foliage to decorate with at home.more

Should You Have Plants in Your Bedroom?

There are certainly benefits to having plants in your bedroom. Plants can help improve sleep, air quality, generate oxygen, alertness, memory, and can even reduce anxiety.more

9 Bath Tubs for Inspiration

It’s easy to get used to the same old things in our homes, especially the bathroom. However, taking a bath or a shower is routine and our routine should be enjoyable, and nice to look at. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our 9 favorite bath tubs. Use these as inspiration for a good, positive change in your home.more

What is Thread Count?

What is thread count? Thread count is defined as the horizontal and vertical threads per square inch. See the diagram below for a visual. Notice that the higher the thread count the more threads there are per square inch - the lower the thread count the less threads per square inch.more