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Bedding Patterns 101

When reading a bedding product description, you may sometimes wonder what the different pattern names mean. It may even seem like gibberish. Or you may see a pattern and not know how to describe makes it more challenging to find it again. Down below, we will describe frequently used and popular patterns like damask, jacobean, medallion, and paisley.more

What Kind of Floral Are You?

Spring is in full bloom! So should your room! If you love florals, then you are in the right place. Let's discuss different types of florals and find out whether you are a more traditional floral type or a more modern floral type.more

How To Display Your Towels

There are several ways to display your towels depending on whether you like to display them hanging or on a flat surface. Both styling ideas work especially well especially for a guest bathroom. Keep reading for 5 different towel display variations!more

Styling & Inspiration for Daphne Bedding Collection

For those of you who already own the Daphne Bedding Collection or to those of you who are planning on purchasing the collection - this is for you! This post will outline some ideas on what accessories or decor to use with the new spring-infused addition to your home. Please let us know your thoughts!more

How to Care, Clean and Store Your Bedding: Spring Edition

Have you experienced that storage smell when retrieving a bedding set you haven't used in a while? This is bound to happen if it has been untouched for an extended period of time. Always make sure to wash your bedding before you store it and make sure to store in a cool, dry place.more