Getting the best sleep

The importance of sleep cannot be overstated. The amount of time you spend sleeping each night crucial, but so is the quality of your sleep. Several things can keep you from getting the best possible rest. Things like caffeine, alcohol, or even bright light around bedtime can keep you from feeling well-rested and energized the next day. Another big factor in sleep quality is your sleeping environment. That doesn’t just mean you need to be in a calm, stress-free, and secure mindset in order to relax and drift off to sleep quickly, you need a comfy luxury bed.

Your bed is sacred

Part of feeling in an optimally sleepy mood is how you feel about your bed. Is it just a spongey grey rectangle that takes up half of your bedroom, or is it decorated lavishly with great care and consideration? If you sleep 7 to 8 hours every night (like almost every adult should), that mean you are spending a THIRD of your life in bed. This is precisely why it’s worth 100% of the effort to find a bedding set that not only stylishly compliments the rest of your sleep space, but also looks and feels like somewhere you could get some really good shut-eye. Having a nice luxury bedding set is what you really need make sure you feel at ease as soon as you enter your bedroom.

Chocolate and Gold

You can effortlessly create a royal atmosphere for your sleep space with the subdued, earthy tones of the luxurious Julius Comforter Set from Croscill. Warm and inviting, the Julius comforter is crafted from jacquard chenille with sophisticated patterns of red, brown, and gold damask. Alongside come two matching pillow shams featuring opulent gold twist cording and a light brown bed skirt to complete the ensemble. Adorn your bed with fabrics that draw you in and keep you there with this luxury comforter set.

Sleeping on a cloud

If you prefer a bright, heavenly ambience for your sleep space, the Phoebe Comforter set is right for you. Set against a soft, cotton-rich jacquard ground, the ivory and light silver damask pattern evokes the soothing comfort of plush pillow-like clouds on a beautiful day.  The coordinating pillow shams reverse to solid ivory and are finished with ivory piping and zipper closure. Add further decorative pieces from the Phoebe Collection for a complete ensemble. A breathtaking luxury comforter set like this is sure to compliment your bright bedroom décor.

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