The World of Croscill New York

It began in Brooklyn, New York in 1946, when a new company introduced a twist on the standard window curtain. They named this unique window curtain “Croscilla”, for the manner in which it went across the entire window sill. This is how the company name “Croscill” (pronounced Cross-Sill) was created. Since then, Croscill has spent over 50 years producing high quality textiles.


Croscill Classics

Our Croscill CLASSICS product line takes inspiration from the style of heritage patterns and enhances them with uncompromising quality, beautiful embellishments, and unique craftsmanship. The CLASSICS line will transform your everyday living with an opulent statement. The CLASSICS design philosophy also captures Croscill's original signature style and features collections that have been popular for nearly 15 years, such as the Galleria collection. To learn more about Croscill's most popular collections, continue reading to learn about the CLASSICS' "classic" collections.

Key styles of the Croscill CLASSICS line embody the opulent statement looks of royal luxury with its rich, jewel tone colorations. It appreciates and incorporates the artisanal craftsmanship that goes into creating loom-woven jacquard, soft and textural chenille, embroidered decorations, and embellishments such as gimps, trims, ruffles and pleats. Explore our "classic" CLASSICS through the Galleria, the Julius, the Loretta, the Valentina, and the Versailles collections. 

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Croscill Home

Our Croscill HOME line reinvents the classics, combining timeless elegance with a modern approach on comfort and style. It focuses on simplicity and creating cozy experiences with superior materials. Our HOME line will create a home that is the reflection of self-expression, a place to refuel from modern living, to get inspired, relax, and to enjoy. As one of Croscill's newest lines, look forward to seeing fresh styles and a new modern style of living by Croscill. 

Croscill HOME's aesthetic is sophisticated yet relaxed with a mission to reach customers that aspire for excellent design and quality fabrications. Skillfully crafted, thoughtfully designed, HOME products are statements that reinterpret the past as we design our best future. The HOME line features clean, polished embroideries, soft florals, medallions, and geometric motifs, emphasizing on detail. There is also a focus on quality by using only premium materials as well as sustainable sourcing. 

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Croscill Casual

Our Croscill CASUAL line focuses on functional designs, made with environmentally responsible materials that are good for you and Mother Nature. Our CASUAL line combines the principles of simplicity, functionality, and sustainability, providing your home with mindful elements to create your cozy oasis. It has the most updated trends in fashion and home decor to appeal to a design savvy customer who prioritizes comfort, coziness and quality.

The CASUAL line’s style was crafted with functionality and practicality in mind. It is for eco-friendly lifestyles with aesthetics that gravitate towards cozy and casual looks. You may find that the products feature solids in terms of patterns and textures and highlight dry and natural looks. Colors ranging from neutrals to earthy naturals, and using eco-friendly materials, organic cotton, linens, recycled material and more, the CASUAL line will have the elements you need for a relaxing home.

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